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Reece Button hole Sewing Machines from Braithwaite (Keyhole)


Reconditioned & Rebuilt Reece 101 & Reece S2

Industrial buttonhole machines available from J. Braithwaite & Co (SM) Ltd 

The Reece S2 & Reece 101 are two of the best-known models of chain stitch buttonhole machine in use today..
The model S2 (BHR) is an automatic high speed, single thread, chain-stitch machine for producing straight square ended buttonholes on garments such as dresses, blouses, shirts, knitwear, sportswear etc.

The Reece S2 has been in service for many years and today its original design and robust construction has not been surpassed by other makes and models.

Rebuilt example Reece S2 Photos Here

Reece S2


Reece 101

The model Reece 101 is an automatic, two-thread chain stitch buttonhole machine used to produce keyhole shaped buttonholes, in garments such as work-wear, rainwear, jeans, suits, trousers etc.

This Reece model has set the standard for keyhole machines and is recognized through-out the industry as probably the best keyhole machine ever made.

Various versions & sub-classes are available and include for example: 

Cut After keyhole machines
Cut Before keyhole machines
Open ended button-holes
Adjustable Fly bar machines

Rebuilt example Reece 101 Photos Here

Both the Reece S2 & Reece 101 button hole machines are available from us Rebuilt or Reconditioned.

There are also special versions of the Reece 101 machines for specific jobs,
Example: Reece 101 RDE S or RDE M for producing sewn round eyelets..

Reconditioning and rebuilding of Reece buttonhole machines are specialist jobs which are carried out at our Salford, Manchester premises.  Machines are stripped down, reconditioned or rebuilt, repainted, reassembled & tested by experienced specialist Reece trained engineers.

Reece 101 Buttonhole Machines

As well as supplying Reece buttonhole machines we also supply used Reece label sewers, tackers & button sewers, Plus we stock Reece spare parts & carry out service & repair work.

To find out more please contact us by: Phone, fax, mail, & Email. 

Used Reece Button-holes here

Reece S2

Braithwaite Rebuilt Reece S2 leaving our workshops in 2013

reece S-101 key hole button hole

Braithwaite Rebuilt Reece 101 leaving our workshops in 2016

Reece S-101 & Reece S2 Buttonhole


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