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Used Sewing Machine and Equipment List

For a Snap-Shot list of some of the used machines available, Please click-on a section below

Used Industrial Sewing Machines  Lock-Stitch

Single Needle Flatbed

Single Needle Thread Trimmer

Needle Feed

Top & Bottom Feed

Walking Foot & Heavy Duty

Twin Needle

Cylinder Arm

Post Bed

Roller Feed

Electronic BAS - PLK- AMS


Pocket Welt & other auto'sPocket SetterStyrteknik
Long ArmSpecial Purpose & Old Specialspuller feeddifferential feedside knife

Used Industrial Sewing Machines  Chain-Stitch

Single Needle

Twin Needle

Multi Needle


Top Feed
Button-hole (Reece)Button Sewer
Flat Seamer

Seam Cover

Belt loop
Feed Off Arm
Feed Up Arm
Cylinder Arm
Blind TackerSpecial Purpose
Old Model
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Cloth Cutting Equipment



Straight Knife

Round Knife

Rag Cutter


Band Knife

Clicker Press

Cloth Drills





Other Equipment

Skiving Machine

Tables & Work Aids

Motors / PanelsStudding Press / Button Cover

Odds & Ends

RF Welder



We have a large stock of used second hand industrial sewing machines available.
Just click on a link above and if the machine you want is not listed; send us an email or telephone our office 0843 289 7560 for more information. Our used stock changes daily.
We usually have available in stock used sewing machines from popular makers including Brother Juki Singer Pfaff Durkopp Adler Mitsubishi Highlead Pegasus and others.
From basic flat machines to computer controlled programmable machines + most models in-between.
If you can not find a used second hand model then why not ask for a trade price on the most popular Brother or Highlead sewing machines we hold in stock. 

We buy used sewing machines

curtain tape attaching Brother B842 machine

US 718 blindstitch sewing machine

Brother curtain header tape twin needle
US 718 Japanese made Blindstitch     

Juki MOR top feed overlock

Seiko LSW-28BL twin needle

Juki MOR top feed overlock sewing machine
Seiko LSW-28BL twin needle walking foot

Brother B438 button sewer

Highlead GC1998-MDZ
Brother B438 lockstitch button sewer
Reconditioned  1640
Highlead premium direct drive with trim
Nearly new - Ex-display  890

Brother B651 industrial overlocker

Brother B737 thread trimmer
Brother 4 thread overlocker made in Japan
Brother B737 MKII thread trimmer 13amp plug 

Brother B791 needle feed with unit

Mitsubishi LY2-3300 walking foot
Brother B791-915 needle feed thread trimmer  
Mitsubishi Walking Foot LY2-3300

Juki TNU-243

brother B281 sewing machine
 Extra heavy Juki TNU243 walking foot machine 2650
Brother 281 4 needle electronic elastic m/c

Automatic bas pocket setter

Juki DLU-5490N-7 top feed
Brother BAS-760 Automatic pocket setter
Juki DLU5490N-7 Top feed auto trimmer

Lewis 160-20 union special blind tacker

US 718 felling blind hemmer
Union Special 160-20 blind-stitch spot tack 1675
US blind-stitch + brand new servo motor

Juki 5550 with trimmer

Seiko TH-8B
Japanese made Juki 5550-4 thread trimmer
Excellent condition  650 see photos
Seiko TH-8B extra heavy walking foot
Excellent condition  2990 see photos

Pfaff long arm sewing machine

Durkopp Adler 267 twin needle

Pfaff Long Arm Sewing Machine
Used  990
Durkopp 267 twin needle walking foot  

Brother button sewing machine

US 718 blindstitch felling

Brother button sewer with thread trimmer
US SL-718 felling machine 

Durkopp N291 with Efka V720

Newlong HR4 carpet overlock

Durkopp Alder N291 high spec walking foot
Model HR-4 heavy carpet overlock

Toyota AD158 sewing machine with trimmer

Juki 4 thread overlock

Toyota AD158-203 with thread trimmer 240V
Juki MO2414 4 thread overlocker Japan
550 fully submerged

Latest Used Sewing MachinesLatest Used Sewing MachinesLatest Used Cloth Cutting

Latest Used Fusing & Pressing

Brother Button sewer 560
Juki 4 thread overlocker 550
Pfaff long arm 990
Durkopp Adler 267 Twin walking foot
Juki DDL5550-4 UBT 13amp 650
Brother 3" curtain tape 1690
Eastman HVN hot notcher
KM AUV cloth cutter 535
Eastman 629X 750
Dual speed straight cutter 550


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